Tyler Green

Such Fine Footwear (revisited) copyright Tyler Green

Method: oil, relief and oil pastel on canvas

Tyler Green discusses his experience with Navy veteran Andrew Cole:  

For Changing Perspectives, I interviewed Andrew Cole, a former nuclear engineer aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.  It was part of the Veteran print project put together by Yvette Pino for Colorado State University.  Andrew was great to talk to, and had some good stories from his time aboard.  The print came out of one  of the more absurd stories, which I'll let the paragraph I wrote to show with the print describe:

Andrew told of a time on the USS Theodore Roosevelt when the higher ups thought it a good idea to integrate the troops of different nationals. Our fine servicemen, being the most kind and exemplary of individuals, were ready to receive these guests as one might receive a stray cat. As these foreign souls boarded, however, our soldiers’ hands absentmindedly stroked smooth cheeks, for on the Frenchmens’ faces hung great swaths of fur. Surely such eccentric wine loving peoples are far below America’s level of excellent toughness, yet here they were adorned with sideburns of such girth they might be considered beards in some circles.

This was a fun one to make.  My favorite is probably the opinion corner with the cockroach.  He describes in the most elegant prose, "I've had betta pickins in prison...'

Thanks to Andrew and Pino.

For more examples of Tyler's artwork, go to his page at Tyler Green and Friends.

Tyler Green
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Jonas Angelet

Jonas Angelet discusses his work:

My current work explores the concept of man-made catastrophes and the implications of those actions on the world stage. These works address the aggressor and the victim with equal measure, questioning the notion of a "just" cause. Different bodies of work explore the varied themes of conflict through texture studies and figure drawing. The work is informed by elements of graffiti, dilapidated environments, torn, burned surfaces and scarred figures that speak to the destructive themes within the work. A spare color palette communicates ideas of rage, chaos, brutality and flesh.

One might see faces of disfigured civilians and soldiers, figures cowering in fear, people helplessly watching the destruction of things around them in this body of work. Manufactured hostilities and human cruelty and the extremes mankind goes to rid itself of conflict are also themes within my work. There is no celebratory aspect to these subjects, but rather contemplation of chaos created by war and carnage. Thus, as the bulk of this work addresses the idea of the "moment of impact", my work captures the tense atmosphere of a scenario moments before, after and in the midst of disaster.

Jonas Angelet, 2009


Jonas Angelet
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