United Women Veterans


Our mission is to increase public awareness of the contributions, accomplishments, and sacrifices unique to America’s women veterans; to record the history of all Wisconsin Women Veterans, working with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum; to provide outreach, support and information to women veterans, especially in regard to benefits earned through military service; to work for equality in veterans benefits and service delivery to women veterans; to provide opportunities for networking and camaraderie among women veterans; and to engage in lawful activities authorized by Chapter 181, Wisconsin Statutes.

UWV accomplishes these goals by promoting growth and unity through awareness, advocacy, outreach, information sharing, and referral. We also work toward public recognition and understanding of the many contributions of women in the military throughout history.

Company Overview

Sec 501.C.19 Veterans organization chartered by the State of Wisconsin, to provide outreach and support to women veterans.


United Women Veterans (UWV) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization for America’s women veterans. UWV is not affiliated with any National organization; many UWV members also belong to other veterans groups.

General Information

All honorably discharged women veterans and currently serving women, with war or peacetime service, from all eras and from all branches and status (active and reserve components) of the military are eligible to join UWV. Annual dues are $15.

United Women Veterans
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Vets for Vets

In 1972, a group of Vietnam Veterans identified the need for a group to help counsel veterans about their service related benefits at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In response, they created Vets for Vets, a student-run veteran group on campus.

In 2008, VfV joined the Student Veterans of America and became the local UW-Madison Chapter. SVA is a coalition of student veteran groups across the United States which advocates on behalf of student veterans at the local, state, and national level.

Our mission is to provide information on benefits and other support activities to student veterans attending the UW-Madison, while raising awareness to the general student population of the veterans’ experience.

In addition to active duty veterans, VfV serves members of the Reserve, National Guard, dependents of disabled and/or deceased veterans, and others eligible for benefits from either the state or federal Departments of Veteran Affairs. Membership is open to all UW-Madison students.


Vets for Vets
Featured Organizations
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